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Statement from the APA

The link below provides a brief description of the skills included and additional information about the Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP).

*The Association’s actions in conferring recognition are not intended to, nor shall they constrain, the general and broad practice of psychology by any psychologist duly licensed to practice who is acting (a) in conformity with relevant statutes and administrative rules and (b) within the Association’s ethical principles. In addition, and unless required by statute or by administrative rule, recognition does not create a duty for a psychologist to secure any credential beyond licensure as a condition for practice.

Frequently Asked Questions / Info

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Additional questions, please contact the SPA Proficiency Coordinator below:

Hadas Pade, PsyD

Proficiency Coordinator

Hadas Pade, PsyD

San Jose, CA


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The American Psychological Association (APA) officially recognizes Personality Assessment as a Proficiency in Professional Psychology. SPA has taken lead role in developing and implementing Personality Assessment Proficiency

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Ask your favorite personality assessor what the biggest personality assessment convention is, and he/she will tell you it's the Annual Convention of the Society for Personality Assessment. Ask him/her what the best personality assessment convention is, and he/she will tell you it's the Annual Convention of the Society for Personality Assessment, held every March in a different city.

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Each April, candidates statements and a Ballot for electing new members to the Board of Trustees is made available to Members, Fellows, Life Members or Life Fellows by the Nominations and Elections Committee. The persons elected to the Board take office in September.

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The Society for Personality Assessment YouTube channel offers full-length lectures from past annual conventions and expert speakers in the field of personality assessment. A great resource to expand your knowledge.

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How Therapeutic Assessment Works: Theory and Techniques - Presented by Stephen E. Finn, PhD. In this webinar, Dr. Stephen Finn, the main developer of Therapeutic Assessment, will explain the techniques of TA and how they relate to TA’s underlying theory of client change. This session is particularly suited to those who are new to TA, including graduate students, or who wish to deepen their understanding of its therapeutic mechanisms.

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