SPAGS Board Bios

Ryan Marek

Ryan Marek


I am a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Kent State University. My professional interests focus on the role psychological assessment in behavioral medicine settings. During my graduate training, I have examined the validity and clinical utility of the MMPI-2-RF in the assessment and prediction of outcomes in bariatric surgery, spine surgery, pain-control implant, and other behavioral medical populations. I also have interests in the assessment of eating disorders. My career goals include participating in a multidisciplinary,pre-surgical assessment team and advance longitudinal research on how constructs identified in the emerging hierarchical models of psychopathology can contribute to the understanding and prediction of how psychosocial factors impact surgical outcomes.

Michael Roche

Michael Roche


I am currently a third year graduate student in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Pennsylvania State University. While my research interests continue to take shape, I have been particularly fascinated with the intersection of personality assessment and intensive repeated measures longitudinal designs. These designs allow us to examine how personality is expressed through an individual’s emotions, thoughts, and relationships with others, and also challenges us to think critically about when and how often personality should be assessed. I am particularly interested in how personality disorders (e.g. Narcissism, Dependency) and interpersonal patterns/dynamics shape the way individuals experience and relate to their world. These topics have obvious extensions into clinical work, providing a synergistic tether between research and practice.

In my free time I enjoy jogging, attempting to play golf, watching basketball, and spending time with my girlfriend, Carley.

Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams


I am currently a third year doctoral student in the University at Buffalo Clinical Psychology program and am a member of Dr. Leonard Simms' Personality, Psychopathology, and Psychometrics lab. Broadly, my research interests revolve around the assessment and diagnosis of personality pathology from a trait perspective. One component of this involves comparing contemporary trait models in terms of their content and operationalization, in order to reach a consensus on a descriptive model of personality pathology. Another specific, and emerging, interest of mine is connecting these descriptive models with dynamic process-based models that may serve as an important point of departure for the treatment of personality pathology. In particular, I see contemporary interpersonal theory as particularly useful for guiding such pursuits.

In my spare time I enjoy exploring new music, traveling, trying new foods, running, and sitting at home with a good book or movie.

Adam Crighton

Adam Crighton


I am honored to serve on the SPAGS board in the position of Member-At-Large. Currently, I am a second year, doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Kent State University with a specialization in Assessment, studying under the mentorship of Dr. Yossef Ben-Porath. My research interests include the application of personality and psychopathology assessment measures to forensic settings. I have been involved in several research projects (including peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations) examining the ability of personality inventories to detect various methods of response bias, specifically in forensic settings. I have also contributed as an Ad-hoc reviewer for academic journals. My current involvement in the MMPI research lab at Kent State University has been extremely beneficial, with frequent discussions, weekly meetings, and collaborations focusing on various aspects of personality assessment. All my experiences have shaped my research interests and my goal is to work in Academia with a research focus on forensic assessment.

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